Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not too sick for lipstick

I feel awful.
I've been in bed most of the day.

Now, I don't feel awful because I have been in bed - I have been in bed because I feel awful.
My family all left for church at 9:15 AM and I crawled back into bed. The last thing I remember was hearing the van accelerate out of the driveway.

My next conscious thought was at 10:40AM when I thought, "I can't believe I slept so long. I need to get up."

Then the phone rang. I thought, "Who calls during church?? I am going to lay here and listen to the answering machine to hear who would call during church!"

It was Honey. It was 12:05PM. Honey was calling to say that we were supposed to go to a friends for brunch and could he assume that was a no go. 12:05PM!!!!!

I'd be in bed now except that KB has ceremoniously destroyed all of my lipstick. I have contacted my Mary Kay Rep (aka my sister) and ordered 2 new tubes of Raisinberry (my favorite color since my post college love affair with Clinique's Suede Suede) but it won't be here until my mom visits in Feb. This well-trained southern gal can NOT go three weeks with no lipstick.

What does that have to do with me dragging myself out of bed today? I have a coupon that expires today and a sale at Walgreens that started today that, when combined will produce a FREE TUBE OF LIPSTICK! And if one is going to buy a "make due tube" then a free tube is just what the doctor ordered.

The rush of it all just might make my head stop hurting.


Megan said...

Hey sick friend,

Sorry you are feeling poorly. Glad you got some extra sleep today.

You won my zippy bag drawing! I already made the one you ordered, so if you want to pick out one more, I'll make sure you get them very soon - either by getting together or just popping them in the mail. :)


Debbie said...

Hope you are feeling better and that you got your lipstick. Congrats on winning the zippy bags!

stephanie said...

What do you have???? I always think, "I wish I could get some bug so that I would have a valid reason for staying in bed" but then I get sick and I think "I would give anything for this to go away." It's never quite the vacation I expect...So sorry you feel crummy.

annaj said...

I almost called you Sunday morning thinking I might catch you at home with a sick kid!

Putting your lipsticks in the mail tomorrow!