Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Weird Family

Remember me telling you about how weird my family is? My brother has emailed me photographic proof of how truly weird we are.

Temperatures got pretty low (by Alabama standards) while we were with family for Christmas. Still, the house my brother's family lived in during their 6 months in Birmingham had a fire pit out back and we are a family that rarely turns down the opportunity for fun. No matter that it had rained and there was barely any dry wood. No matter that the ground was muddy and slick. We laugh in the face of such silly attempts to thwart our plans. We were committed and we cooked hotdogs over a fire. . .

AND we made s'mores.

Talk about creating super memories.
The best kind of weird, people.


Anonymous said...

For me, it was one of the highlights of our week together. Such a fun time. MM

Debbie said...

Love your "weird" famiy--maybe because they remind me of mine :).

Julia said...

Oh boy,if your family members are weird than my family members are FREAKS!