Friday, January 1, 2010

Final Christmas Post - I think

My family is weird - the best kind of weird there is. Being with them makes me long for Heaven because there we will be together forever. I love their sense of humor. I love how they treat my kids. I love them. My sister-in-law and I got stuck at Walmart (don't get me started!!) for over 2 hours and it was SO GREAT 'cause I love her. My brother-in-law and I lost miserably at Boggle and I didn't care 'cause I love him! They are a good group.

The prego sister and her hubby - aren't they adorable?

And look at my brother playing "Red light Green light" with the kids. One would hardly believe he is 40. What a trooper!!

Cole breaks out. . .

Bubba is giving him a run for his money. . . Esther gets ready for impact.

Cole actually won but Bubba decided it was time for a hug anyway. He fell in love with his cousins!

And his Uncle Andy!

Yes, my family is weird - the best kind of weird there is. My mom gave us all the SAME puzzle books. I like that.

And who could help but think this gal is ADORABLE?? She and her baby got matching nighties from Memom.

And no matter the weather, the screened in back porch was a magnet for this little one. She gathered up her coat, her "backpack" and slippers to go out and play with a toy her brother has at home that she hasn't touched in ages.

The BEST kind of weird.

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