Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He Said, She Said

One of the helpers in children's worship told me two things that Bubba said in the past few weeks. I don't want to forget them.

"Sin gets me every time."

One of the kids had said that Jesus is magic and the leader was busy exclaiming that Jesus was, in fact, NOT MAGIC. Bubba turned to Alex and said, "Jesus is not magic but he walked on water."
KB awoke from her nap yesterday in a very talkative mood. As I changed her out of her dry pull-ups, we were discussing the wind which was blowing very hard. So hard, in fact, that a tree was knocking on the side of the house. I mentioned the tree to KB and this conversation ensued,
"Dat tree broken?"
"I think a branch is hanging pretty low, that's for sure," I responded.
"Daddy fix it?"
"I don't know that daddy will be fixing that tree, KB."
"Daddy will fix it. Daddy Superman. He fly up to fix it. I get him screwdriver?"
MacGyver had duct tape, Honey has his screwdriver. . . like Dr. Who!

A friend called yesterday to invite us over for dinner. When I hung up KB asked if I was talking to Memom. This followed:

"No, that wasn't Memom. That was Ella's mommy. They asked us to come have dinner with them. Wouldn't that be fun to go eat at Ella's house?"
"Bubby come?"
"Little come?"
"Yes, we would all go together."
" Dat will be fun. I LOVE Ella."
"Well, I love YOU!"
"And me love Ella!"


Anonymous said...

"Like Dr. Who." I love reading another SAHM blogger cares about sci-fi and dry pull ups just like I do.

Honey doesn't actually have a sonic screwdriver, does he?

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

If you need to borrow the sonic screwdriver you gave me, just let me know...