Monday, January 25, 2010

Update in Photos

My Super Why
It's cruel, I know, but I wanted a picture of him in his cape and so I pointed to the window and said, "Look, Bubba! Did you see??"

I took KB to the doctor last weekend (2 ear infections in three weeks) and came home to find everyone working diligently. The family that computes together stays together?

Our little rascal has mastered climbing out of the crib "mysef" and this is how Honey found her Sunday morning:

After three+ years I finally colored and cut out the ornaments for our Jesse Tree. I am so excited to use it in TWELVE MONTHS!

Since I haven't done anything crafty since before Christmas. . .

And this is what my Honey brought home on my hard Friday last week. What a sweetie!


Allison said...

your little monkey is a lot more precious than you give her credit for b/c I guarantee you that if my little monkey escaped, I would not find him sweetly sitting in a chair reading!!!
Love the sign with her initials

Debbie said...

Looks like you have been busy. I love KB's initial sign. Where will it go? Maybe over her new big girl bed that you might have to get after all that climbing out??? Your Jesse Tree ornaments look great. You will be so glad you finished them when December comes :). Love that your husband brings you flowers, too. I got irises just the other day. Keep those pictures coming!

Julia said...

I heart that superman (aka Bubba) is comfortable having a pink computer!