Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Kicklighter Christmas

or Christmas #1

We decided to have "A Kicklighter Christmas" (must be said loudly with an almost Count-ish tone) before leaving for Birmingham. This would mean special family time to discuss the reason for the season, calm gift opening, and less to take on the trip! I am thankful we did it this way.

We started the day with a "special breakfast". I'll admit I am a cereal girl. My kids get quick and easy breakfasts around here. But for The Kicklighter Christmas we did cinnamon rolls, eggs, and sausage. Wow.

After breakfast we headed up to the bed to sit together and read the story of Christ's birth. It was hilarious - raucous even. The best part was singing Away in a Manger with three children's voices chiming in and then having Bubba sing "Happy Birthday, Jesus" for us. THAT was worshipful.
The kids took turns opening gifts. Miss Linda had brought them goodies, which they opened first. KB did not let go of that baby the rest of the day. Little took hers everywhere too and I even caught her talking to it (a first). Bubba got a dalmatian monster truck and was elated. He had helped pick one out for a boy on the Angel Tree and the fact he got one too was so dear. Thanks, Miss Linda!

There were puzzles for all. . .
Bones for me and a hat for KB. . .
"Sockings", as Bubba calls them, were a huge hit because they had chocolate in them! There were also magna doodles for the next day's car ride and they were a big success.
We had Kicklighter Christmas lunch at Chick-fil-a and then headed to the library to get books for the drive. One of my favorite moments of the day was seeing Little sitting on the steps reading an alphabet book to KB. It was dear.

It was a great day and my love for my kids grew (if that's even possible). Hearing their sweet "thank you"s and exclamations over each other's gifts warmed my heart. Little opened a tutu that KB had picked out for her at the Dollar Tree and as she pulled it out and said, "OOOOOOOh. It's wonderful. It's beautiful. What in the world is it??" KB said, "I pick it self." And without hesitation our Little said, "Oh, thank you, KB. What is it?"

Of course this was only a portion of our celebration. We kept going until Dec. 27. I'll tell more later.


Marcie said...

I am astounded! No matching pj's?! What kind of Kicklighter Christmas are you running over there? :o)

I am guessing it is a budgeted kind of Christmas! I am glad that it went so well. Can you come parent my brood for awhile?

Happy New Year!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

That conversation between Little and KB over the "what is it?" tutu is SO hilariously precious!
Classic! Love it!
p.s. We had Cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon for our little family Christmas on Christmas Eve. A breakfast I look forward to all year long!!!! ;)