Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas - Just For Mary Louise

One of my mom's dearest friends from college is Mary Louise. She reads this blog - mostly because she loves my mom. She wrote my mom before Christmas and told her that she enjoys reading the blog - especially when there are pictures of my mom and dad. So, here you go, Mary Louise! These are the Christmas pictures with my parents in them. *smile*

My kids equate visiting Memom to riding the mall carousel, so we headed out for Chick-fil-a and a ride on a reindeer. . .

As you can tell by KB's sleeve, we ate first. . .

Christmas Day. . .Pop explained how the distribution was going to work. Memom got a scrapbook of our summer visit. Check out that multitasking! She is opening the book and listening to Brooke say something of great importance. Growing older isn't holding my mom back!!!

Here she is talking while she opens a gift!
Check out my mouth and my mom's mouth and my neice Abigail's mouth! We are cut from a very similar mold!
Pop reading the great literary works of Elmo to KB.
Memom got a big box of her Christmas dishes.
The day ended with the pulling of the wish bone. Memom won. Of course this means nothing but it was cute to watch.

And there you go, Mary Louise. SO many adorable photos of my so adorable parents. Happy New Year!


jessica said...

I love seeing pictures of your parents too! They are so special!

Debbie said...

Great pictures! Know you had a fun time with your family. That was some load of presents you all had under your tree! :)

Allison said...

Love the pics of your Christmas. I kicked myself when we left b/c I wanted to get a pic with you guys! Seeing you guys was a true highlight for us. Happy New Year!!