Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If You Could See Me Now

My hair is clean.
My skin is clean.

You're thinking, "Did your super sweet Landlord come over at some strange hour and fix the water heater?" To that I would say, "Did you start celebrating the New Year early?"

Or maybe your mind rushes to, "Was there a miracle and the heater was restored?" No.

Remember on Little House on the Prairie how they would take baths in big tubs with hot water from the stove?? Yep. My husband woke me up this morning and took me downstairs. He had filled the tub with boiling water from the stove - just add a dash of cold and wah-lah.

Now, if I was immature, this is where I would say, "My hubby's better than your hubby. Nah Nah." But I am so much more mature than that, so I will say, "My Honey rocks the planet!!"

He's washing the kids now. Dude.

Thanks, Bub.

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