Friday, November 6, 2009

My Right Foot

I had surgery on my foot Wednesday. I don't think I said much about it; that's because I was led to believe it was going to be no big deal.

I had a sesamoidectomy (Orthopedics Removal of a sesamoid bone). Remember when I didn't have The Gout? Well, the first plan of action for my broken sesamoid was an orthotic and ugly tennis shoes. The bone didn't heal in the time allotted and so we moved to the more "aggressive" option - surgery.

Now the doctor talked about this surgery in a very blase way. "You'll walk out of there." and "It's just a little out patient surgery." I left the office feeling like this was going to be some weird experience where they deadened my foot, took the bone out, stitched me up and I was out the door. Well, I was 2/3 right! They put me to sleep, took out the bone, stitched me up, and I was out the door. . . in a wheelchair. They gave me a nerve block that made me unable to feel my leg/foot from the calf down for 20 hours! Awful feeling.

In light of this experience, I have compiled a list of "Shouldas" for the next "little out patient surgery" I might have.

1. I shoulda read the information letter they sent me IN IT's ENTIRETY as soon as I received it.
2. I shoulda asked more clarifying questions.
3. I shoulda gotten a pedicure.
4. I shoulda gone grocery shopping before surgery and maybe even made a few meals to have in the freezer.
5. I shoulda shaved my legs.

Learn from my mistakes, folks.
And tell me how to keep my toes warm in the frigid weather expected next week!
Now, I just fell asleep while typing this and erased everything. Thankfully I was able to retrieve the content before it became necessary to start all over again. Still, I am going to call it a night before something happens that I regret.


Dan said...

Love love love the honesty. Hilarious—but I am really sorry...

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for the nerve block, even with its scariness. Your foot looks painful from what of it I can see. I will pray for quick healing as loss of mobility is also a yucky feeling.
Emily in SC

Debbie said...

Yikes! How long will you wear the cast? When is full recovery expected? I hope you are up and around and feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. That looks painful! What a horrible thing to be faced with unaware! If I lived closer I'd bring you a meal. I don't think it would survive the mail, do you? :-)

erika said...

Oh my friend...I'm just now reading your blog and I'm so sorry to hear about this!! praying for you...