Friday, August 7, 2009

No Gout

Remember back, if you will, to a 13 hour road trip full of sickness. . . I had been told I had Gout and took 13 tiny pills of death which didn't even touch the pain in my toe but were are real pain in the neck. You know why those pills didn't touch the pain???


I received a letter from the doctor which told me that my uric acid levels were normal and he hoped that the medicine had done the trick. Good day.

I called and said, "If my uric acid levels were normal wouldn't logic lead me to deduct that I don't have Gout? And wouldn't we need to discuss that I STILL have so much pain in my foot??" The call back from the doctor led to the set up of another appointment, which resulted in a referral to an orthopedist.

Result? BROKEN BONE!!! (that is the same as NO GOUT!) Yep, my sesamoid is broken.
(In anatomy, a sesamoid bone is a bone embedded within a tendon. Functionally, they act to protect the tendon and to increase its mechanical effect. )

I went this week to be fitted for an orthotic and went to buy appropriate shoes for the healing process. Translate appropriate: huge, bulky, not feminine, running shoes. Great. I have to wear the "special shoes" for a month and then go back to the doctor. He says the only other option is to have surgery and have the bone removed. Great. We should pray that the bone heals. If I have surgery on my foot, you guys are going to have to take turns flying up here to help with my three children.

Say, that sounds like fun. . .


april said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD?????? I am so sorry! Is there anything we can help you with in the next month? Besides tell you how much we like your shoes everytime we see you? You better wear them to church!

amy said...

sign me up...i'm on the next flight. :)

sorry about your foot. i went to the doctor this week to discover i have a contusion in my upper arm. good grief. makes me feel old when carrying my kids results in injury!

Anonymous said...

Well at first read, I was going to say maybe you had the same kind of "gout" as Dad. The kind that didn't show up on blood test "gouty arthritis," glad I read on. Sometimes you need someone that will slow down and take a closer look.

Julia said...

You of all people would have to travel down a road of weirdness to find out what in the H-E double hockey sticks was wrong with you. I will help in any way possible but flying is not an option to get to your house. Would love to see you both soon.

annaj said...

i have an idea - i'll fly up next thursday and help!

Allison said...

I don't know which is worse... that you took horrible medicine for no reason, or that you have a broken toe w/ three small children! Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

I'll come help Anna. MM

Catherine said...

I know it's not very funny and I do feel (very) sorry for you, but that post just made me laugh. It's just you. There's something funny and very Becky about being told you have gout and finding out later you actually have a broken toe.

Love your (sympathetic) friend,