Friday, November 6, 2009

I've Never Met Melissa S.

Somewhere in Utah lives a young lady named Melissa. She reads the Blue Hutch. She's my friend on Facebook. She is pretty hilarious. I have never met her.

We have quite a bit in common. In some ways we are very different. After tonight, I say she is an absolute doll. Why?? I got an email today telling me that someone would be arriving at my door at 5:15PM with dinner for our family. HOW COOL IS THAT??? She said just sign the slip and eat up

SERIOUSLY! How kind. How compassionate. How COOL IS THAT???

The delivery guy showed up at 5:15PM on the dot. I told Honey to be prepared - I WAS going to ask him about taking a photo. Here's Honey and the nice delivery man looking equally awkward *wink*.
This was such a blessing. My mom left this afternoon and I was on my feet for too long today. Not having to cook was a good thing - I am so grateful. And as you can see, the food was yummy fare.

Thanks, Melissa. I can't say it enough.


Jawan said...

That picture of you devouring the pizza is worth a million bucks! I am sure Melissa will be delighted that you enjoyed the meal (and non-prep on your part) with such passion! Hope your foot feels better soon...and that you get that pedicure you so desperately desire.

Megan said...

Wow. That's an awesome story!!

Allison said...

I just randomly stumbled upon your blog, but I just wanted to tell you that that is an AWESOME story! :-)

stephanie said...

How did she have your address??

Debbie said...

How fun!!!