Friday, October 2, 2009


Drove all the way to Target tonight, got the kids into the buggy (a 3 seater), and all three started screaming and crying in such a way that we ended up back in the van and on the way home. Best part? Some lady actually said to me from two cars over, "I love the way your daughter keeps crying 'I want to go IN.'" She even said it in a voice just like Little's. Weird.

My Bubba bit his lip tonight. Lips bleed in ridiculous amounts disproportionate to the actual cut. I hate that. So, my shirt is now covered with blood and I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to put cold on it or anything. Finally, I "woke up" and remembered that a song heals ALL Bubba wounds, so I told him we would hold the cold on only as long as it took me to sing "Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood". He stood perfectly still and after I finished and took the rag off, he pulled it back to his lip and said, "Good singing, Mom. Sing it again."

Little and I were going over the rules before lights out tonight and she said, "Tomorrow I will wake up and I'll get up. And my head will get up. And my mind will be in there and it can get up too. And my soul is there and it looks like an A like this." She then signs the letter "A" with both hands and crosses them in front of her. I finally realize it is the choreography for a song they are doing in the Christmas program. Still, it's nice to know her mind and soul are in there.

Honey's on a trip tonight so I am off to the couch to watch a Jennifer Anniston movie and crosstitch (for my mother). Have a great Friday night!

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wow. good stuff!!