Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Frivolity

We rode horses in July while visiting Memom and Pop. JULY. Since leaving my parents Little has talked incessantly about two things: going back to Memom's church and riding horses again. I put her off by telling her the plan is to go to Memom's church at Christmas and we plan to ride horses at the pumpkin patch. Praise the Lord the rain let up and Saturday was beautiful. Hallelujah they had the pony rides at Rombachs Farm again. And now we pray we make it Memom's church in December.

Our pumpkin adventure began with a couple photo ops and then we headed straight to the horses.
Next we got tickets for the hayride and then let the kids run free while we waited for the tractor and trailer to return. It will never cease to amaze me how much entertainment a child can get from a swing and some bars.

The hayride was hilarious. Our children were, of course, the floor show; partly because none of them understand the concept of volume control and partly because they are so darn adorable and say such precious things. Little sat for the duration of the ride with her hand on the leg of the gentleman to her left. At one point she said, "Sir, there are so many pumpkins. Do you see them?" He didn't hear her which made me sad. While we sat and waited to begin, Bubba kept saying, "Momma, can you make the man go?" In the midst of the commotion we asked the gal across from us to take a photo.

We took another trip through the fields of pumpkins and took a moment for the kids to climb through the $50 monster pumpkins. The photo of Bubba was NOT posed. I just turned around and there he was.

For three days now Bubba has been saying, "Momma. I had fun at the pumpkin patch. Did you have fun momma?" He has NO idea. . .


annaj said...

Love it! Would have so loved to have been there!

Julia said...

I think Bubba has found a part time job as a centerfold model for the pumpkin patch!

Nicole said...

I'm so jealous and miss the days of the Kick/Summerall annual pumpkin patch event. :)