Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Do you remember back when I talked about turning 40 and NOT going on a cruise with three of my closest friends? I asked for alternatives. It seems that blog post sparked something in our dear family friend, Glenda, and she went and planned a cruise with her three dear friends. ( I guess they were celebrating NOT being 40)

My mom was one of the dear friends to go along. My mom. On a cruise. It's hilarious to me.

I have heard bits and pieces about the trip but felt a bit like I was missing something. It seems they were taking the Vegas approach "What happens on a cruise ship stays on a cruise ship". Well, thanks to other children of women on the trip (thanks, Penny) I now have evidence of the raucous behavior.

Nice, ladies! REAL Nice!
(And Kudos to Marcia for being an individual!)
Penny has more fun photos on her family blog here.


Anonymous said...

i can't even tell you how much this makes me smile! so fun to see all those ladies having fun together - what do their tattoos say??

love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought about that trip last week while on vacation. I'd forgotten you don't wanna cruise. SO where is it we;re going? Maybe you can be the travel planner and it can be a surprise. Wouldn't that be a "trip!" Ha. Mo

Allison said...

that is SO fun! i love it! I think you should give cruising a try, btw. We are big fans!

Penny said...

so you're mom called my mom and said they were no longer friends because i leaked the pictures. but after my mom explained herself your mom forgave her. how nice... ha ha...

Debbie said...

I laughed out loud at that picture--how fun for your mom and friends. I guess she just couldn't stand for Andy to have gotten a tattoo and her not have one :). I'll be happy to cruise (or not) with you in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

What's funny about this photo is that they all look like they're having fun, but are a bit nervous about being photographed with a tatoo. :) Love it.
And, lately my dreams have been of being on a cruise (for real), so if you need a cruise friend in a few years let me know. :) -Leigh Ann C.