Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Drawers

***For those of you "playing at home", I threw most of the stuff away, moved things that BELONGED somewhere else to their proper home, and I was slightly exaggerating on the amount of twist ties. As you were.

I have decided that each day this week I am going to clean out a drawer. I'm going to be brutal. My friend Annie gets rid of five things a day and it has inspired me to do the same, BUT recently I have been unable to find a few needed items. This has led to the Great Drawer Declutter. I figure doing it on the blog gives me accountability. Five days. Five Drawers. Here we go. . .

The Kitchen Junk Drawer

On this one I actually kept track of what I found in there. It's ridiculous:
2 travel size lotions
19 sharpie markers
Walmart receipt
2 dried markers
3 pair of scissors
5 notepads
box of matches
1 lighter
2 boxes of toothpicks
birthday candles
7 dry erase markers
1 map of St. Louis
4 travel Kleenex
1 set of motion sickness bracelets
1 Glade Plugin
1 flashlight
2 measuring tapes
1 sucker
1 pink eraser
3 tea candles
1 allen wrench
1 Super glue
1 coffee thermometer
1 balloon weight
3 pencils
4 AA batteries
1 pen
2 bottles of Visine
1 chip clip
2 small wrenches
1 mini screwdriver
1 nail
1 plumbing connector thing
1 barrett - green
4 alchohol prep pads
1 binder clip
1 seminary phone book
18 packs of gum
905 twist ties!
While you all ponder what a slob I am, I would like to point out that I am one amazing woman to fit all that in one tiny drawer. Marvel at my skills and then check out the drawer now:

Next up. . . my bedside table drawer!


amy said...

here's a random organizing tip that i have used in junk drawers, use the lids off of the boxes of your kids shoes as drawer organizers (sometimes the boxes will fit, sometimes they're too deep). they're small, free and actually work so that everything has a place. :) i love organizing!!! way to go friend!

Penny said...

i love that you included the color of the barrett...

Debbie said...

Wow! I really was impressed that you had that much stuff in one drawer! I love the after picture, too. Way to go! I am wondering if you threw all the other stuff away or put it in another drawer . . . :).

Anonymous said...

I loved Debbie's comment. . .I was thinking the exact same thing. MM

This Place is a Disaster! said...

905 twist ties? Really?

Sarah said...

Did you actually count all 905 twist ties, B?? ;)

Anonymous said...

About a month ago I decided NOT to have a "junk" drawer anymore(part of my declutter phase- or pregnancy nesting, I don't know). I LOVE it! Everything has a place now....just need to remember where I put all of those things. ;)

Keep up the good work Becky!

Anonymous said...

Sorry.... Anonymous was me. Forgot to include my name again.

Stacy R ;)