Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Covenant

Honey and I have made what we are calling the September Covenant. See, I read the first chapter of this book. (I am not typing the title because my family friendly rating would go down

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and I only read one chapter because I got caught up in 3 other books and it was due back to the library.)

Anyway, in that one chapter the authors discuss just how bad coffee is for you. They also discuss how terrible soda (diet or not) is for your body. So, I was thinking about the fact that something HAS to change with this body of mine and thought maybe one change - something I could be successful at - would be a good thing. Honey wants change too and so I challenged him.

He's giving up coffee for the month of September and I am giving up soda . . . and chocolate.

September 1 is now over (we're off to bed) and Honey made it through day one with no coffee. I, on the other hand, made it until 11:30AM with no chocolate. I took goodies to Bubba's class for a birthday celebration (chocolate covered Oreos) and there was one left over that was shoved into my hand as I left. Absentmindedly (and evidence of the habitual eating that has gotten me where I am today) I opened and ate said cookie and didn't even realize until the last bite that I had broken the September Covenant already.

The spiritual lesson was overwhelming (the first time I can say that eating an Oreo was a spiritual experience - tee hee). God made a covenant with us - knowing we would break it but loving us so much that He made and kept it. Wow! In a Christ-like way, Honey was quick to forgive me and encourage me to continue in faithfulness to what we began.

I'll keep you posted.

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~Mad said...

I have the free Kindle on my iTouch and have this very book - read the first chapter as well.

Are you giving all that up "cold turkey"? I have cut down to ONE cuppa daily and water throughtout - doing pretty well, but going really slow - I know my history!!