Monday, August 31, 2009

My Little Boy is Four - The Party

My little boy, the one who doesn't say much, had an opinion about his birthday! Can you believe it? I gave him a choice, which I didn't think was a big deal because he's rarely answered such questions, and he said he wanted a Blues Clues birthday party. I said, "An ABC party?" and he replied, "No, mama, a Blues Clues party." Every few days after that he would ask, "When is the Blues Clues party, mama?"

Blues Clues it was.

After room time yesterday we all went in to Bubba's room and the show began. First we put on the tshirt:


I asked Bubba if he knew what people gave a birthday boy on his birthday and then asked if we should play Blues Clues to find out. His eyes lit up. Very fun. We sang the song from the show and everyone got a "Handy Dandy Notebook"

before we set of in search of clues.

We drew each item in his notebook (wrapping paper, ribbon, box). In between the ribbon and box I called out "Mail time" and Bubba and I sang the mail song (so cute, by the way). I pulled out the mail and Bubba opened it up:

On the show there is always a video inside the letter, so my super cool family all got together in Birmingham and made a "Happy Birthday Bubba" video. It was awesome. I video taped him watching it and am so glad I did. His smile grew bigger and bigger as he realized what was going on,etc. The second half of the video shows them all gathered around Pop's chair and he is going through the letters that spell Happy Birthday Bubba. As he drops a piece of paper with a letter to the floor, everyone yells out the next letter in unison and then "What's that spell?" Once they got to the second P, Sweet Bubs had caught on and would say each letter with them. Adorable. (Thanks, fam!)

After the clues were found, Bubs climbed up into his thinking chair, decided that people get presents on their birthday, and we headed to the back porch for cake and gifts.

So, here is the cake. My one question is, "What kind of i----- decorates a Blues cake WITH a stuffed Blues right there, says to herself, 'Something isn't right with the nose.' and doesn't realize that she DIDN'T COLOR IT DARK BLUE?" I am that i-----.

Anyway, Bubs seemed to love it and devoured his piece. This year he opened his gifts by himself (first time) and got busy with each one

It was a fun day.
Today we are off to Dr. Dave's for the yearly check-up and then I'll take my FOUR YEAR OLD to preschool.


~Mad said...

YOU are so imaginative! That's all I have to say!

Kellie said...

I laughed out loud when I read about the cake. (FYI: Not when I saw the picture, but when I read your commentary.) Then I called Stephen in. Laughter is always better shared.

You're an inspiration. Maybe you can throw a birthday party for my kids next month! Love the theme, special video and, of course, the must have t-shirt.

Julia said...

For the record I would have eaten a piece of the cake...You could of pulled a Dave Nolda and photo shopped the blue nose!

amy said...

so impressed! my julia would LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!! I wish I could do something this adorable and creative...

Amy (your wanna be best friend)

Julia said...

I wish you would post your families video or Bubba's viewing of the video.

annaj said...

Yea!! Can't wait to see the video!

Amanda said...

How fun and creative! Can you plan my birthday party? :)

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I've never watched the show before, so I enjoyed learning about the show through your blog! What an awesome job you did! He must have just LOVED it!!! Do we get to see the video of him watching the video? :)

Allison said...

this made me tear up, Becky! You are so thoughtful and creative and I love how you plan their parties just for THEM. I think you are the best and bubba sure is blessed to have you as his mommy!!
can't believe he is 4 by the way (was this as hard on you as my 4 year old's was on me?)