Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today at the Gateway

Living in a cool city has it's advantages - lots of things to do. Funny thing about that - when you live in a cool city you often don't do said cool things because you have life to do and there is always next week. . .

One of my goals for summer was for us to go to the Arch as a family. School starts next week and so it was today or failure (to meet the goal, that is). We went.

There was food for all. . .



There were the "Steve Holt" Arch photos:

Relaxing on the blanket:

And, of course, there would be the random petting of a total strangers dog. We can't go anywhere without walking up to complete strangers and asking to pet their dog. Too bad I can't think of a great transition into the Gospel from, "Can I pet your doggy?"

It was a lovely time. Just lovely.

But, when not in the shade, RIDICULOUSLY hot!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved getting to "be there" without the heat. Do it again in late September. I love the pictures. MM

Julia said...

Ok, the family photo should be your Christmas card this year. What a wonderful photo.

erika said...

Mmmmm...looks like so much fun!! Wish we could be with you again!!
love you, friend.
I keep thinking of all these questions i didn't get to ask you in our brief 2 screaming-children-filled hours together. :) Maybe next time when you come out here?!? :)

annaj said...

Great pictures!!