Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whilst at Walmart - 2 (You're Not as Funny as you Think)

These are the lines EVERYONE uses when going through the checkout line at Wal-Mart. Your cashier HAS heard them before. They are no longer funny, they are just plain awkward for your cashier. Thank you.

When one sees a cashier with no line:
"Are you waiting for me?" or "You look like you are just waiting for me." They are - that's their job.

When an item doesn't ring up or the scanner won't pick up the UPC code:
"Guess that means it is free." No - it doesn't.

When asked by the cashier if one found everything they were looking for:
"And so much more!" or "I hope so" or "Except for that one thing I will remember when I get home."

When going through the cigarette line and buying three packs of Camel Menthol Wides and the cashier asks if she has gotten the right pack:
"Looks fine to me. They all kill you, right?" WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY TO THAT???

Oh, and tonight this guy kept screwing up at self-checkout and I had to go over to his register three times to help him. He apologized and then said, "Actually, it is my lame attempt to pick you up." I was so taken off guard that I GIGGLED (whatever!) and said, "That's sweet." I don't recommend anyone say either of these things either. What a dork - him and me.


Melissa said...

It's your super cute haircut. Of course he wanted to talk to you.

Bethany said...

I'm crying from laughing at this post. Thank you!! I needed that this morning.

Dave and Julia said...

Wait until you are out on the floor stocking and someone asks for something that right in front of them. "If it was a snake, it woulda bit me." I heard that about 4,875,392 times while working at the grocery store. Also, if you ever fill the cold beer case..."Hey buddy, is the beer hot?" Yes, in fact it is. I was just bringing it to a frothy boil in the back room.

I can't tell you how much I love the Walmart stories...

Give me some food stamp stories.

annaj said...

That's so cute! I'm glad you got to giggle!

Glenda said...

The guy apparently had good taste!!! Thanks for the chuckle. Love ya! Glenda

Nicole said...

Wow. Amazing how 15 years after I worked at Walmart-the lines are still the same. I'm pretty sure no one ever said they were trying to pick me up. That was only the other EMPLOYEES, but no customers. :)