Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Don't Know Amanda

I love when people I don't know come across this blog and find something funny or encouraging and then leave a comment to let me know and, in turn, be encouraged. Amanda, a mother of ten who lives Down Under, did just that a couple weeks ago and I got to go visit her blog and be encouraged and challenged.

Amanda keeps a Book Blog where she is listing the books she reads in 2009 and giving a bit of a summary/review. I have subscribed to it as a resource.

Recently she wrote about the book Gems From Tozer and included this quote:

"We Christians must look sharp that our Christianity does not simply refine our sins without removing them. The big danger is that we assume that we have been delivered from our sins when we have in reality only exchanged one kind of sin for another.We must, for instance, be careful that our repentance is not simply a change of location. Whereas we once sinned in the far country among the swineherds, we are now chumming with religious persons, considerably cleaner and much more respectable in appearance, to be sure, but no nearer to true heart purity than we were before."


Oh, and she reads like lightning so be ready if you decide to go check her out!

Thanks Amanda! I hope others will comment so I can learn from/with them as well.


Catherine said...

Amanda is my friend, and she is lovely. That's why you two would get along so well! I love how small the blogging world is. Makes me laugh.

Amanda said...

You are so sweet, and I am so embarrassed. I don't know whether it is because you have blogged about me or that now everyone knows what I do all day. Read!

No, seriously, I have a little more time to read because I nurse a baby and have older children (actually, I have twelve, just ten at home, one in Heaven and one living away from home) to help out with the house.

The book you commented on seriously touched my heart. It is funny that since writing that review and feeling like a worm I went on to read my Bible (Psalms) and the verse I read said "I am a worm..." I then picked up a new book to read, had only read a few paragraphs and three times it said the same thing. "I am a worm."
What is God trying to tell me!??

Cath, you are so nice!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I was actually thinking of that same thing this week. I feel like my life is being attacked on so many sides and so I have been really trying to clarify and clean up any thing that might be in the way of my spiritual progression, and I though to my self, "self, when clearing things out, be sure you don't fill in the blank with more things you may have to clean out later!"
In a sense, it reminds me of a friend of mine - he smoked marijiuana and wanted to clean up his ilfe, so, he started smoking cigarettes to stop the pot.. ..It worked for him, but he was just filling one void with soemthing he would have to clean up later, ya know what I mean!