Monday, January 19, 2009

Whilst At Walmart - 1

This week was something else at work. A gal got fired and escorted out, another gal (pregnant with #2 in 12 months) fainted into my line, and Jesus confirmed (again) I am right where He wants me.
I was working self checkout on the Blimpie end - which means I was standing completely still and watching two customers per hour ring out their own purchases on the end of the store where the Blimpie sandwich shop used to be. It also means that I had pulled out a piece of register tape the length of my arm and was making a monthly plan for the kids/house with an overall theme for activities and crafts, fruit of the Spirit for discussion and focus, and area of the house to clean for my sanity. I had just gotten stuck on September when one of the Assistant Managers comes to check out and turns to me and says, "My daughter, she's nine and she has autism and she loves peanut butter." Random. I know. He then continued to tell me that they had found said nine year old in the kitchen this morning with a 2 lb. jar of peanut butter that was now half empty - it had started out completely full.

We laughed and chatted and then I asked where she went to school and dropped that I have a son with autism. WISH you could have seen his face. He lit up and whirled toward me exclaiming, "Have we talked about this?"

Turns out that he and his wife really have a burden for families with children on the Autism spectrum. They left their church in Illinois and moved to our area because of the school district, but have planted a church specifically for these families with Autistic children because other churches have nothing for them.

I cried.

Also, he gave me a business card and his wife's name and told me to call her. There is a Yahoo Group out there for parents with kids on the spectrum and it's an invitation only list. He said that his wife would hook me up with an invite and I can ask all my questions there.

God is good all the time.

And sometimes He is just plain overwhelming.

And to think that it happened at WalMart.


Mitch said...

Thanks for sharing that story. I'm struggling to keep the faith today and reading that reminded me what a creative and wonderful God we serve.
I also wanted to tell you that I think you're awesome!

Debbie said...

What a great story! Isn't God amazing! I love hearing how He is using Walmart in your life. And isn't it great that you even had time to organize your year in the process :).