Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Supplies - The Final Tally

All the school supplies have been purchased.  It's all sorted and packed.  Bubba's have even been delivered to his classroom during today's "Meet-N-Greet".  I kept a running tally of what we spent and I think we did well.  Buying the HUGE sanitize-rs was a HUGE set back but I am putting vinyl monograms on them and using them as teacher gifts/school supplies so I figure it's worthwhile (and excuses them from being counted in the total).

Here's Bubba with his HUGE stash of goodies.
Grand Total: $20.76

Little's list included some big ticket items, such as four reams of paper! Her NIV Bible will be a chunk but I'm not counting it in the total either since we would want to get her a Bible anyway.  Here's Little's stash:
Total: $15.73

Then there is sweet KB and her short little list - a box of tissue and a tote bag that has no zipper.  
Total: $3

Grand Total: $39.33
Cost of school's pre-packaged supplies x 2 = $70
Smart Shopper Savings - priceless!!
(Listen! Do you hear the crowds? The clapping? The screams?  Ahhhh.)


Debbie said...

You go, girl! :) Wish our totals had been that small . . .

Julia said...

I still remember when I was a kid the only thing that we had to supply the classroom with was a box of tissues. I was always amazed that there was always some kid who brough in one box of tissues which was TRAVEL size box. Even as a second grader I knew that was never enough! Good job on your BTS purchases!