Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Day at the Blue Hutch

August 16 was a big day here at the Blue Hutch.  Honey had a birthday.

Bubba had his first day of full day Kindergarten!!!

We started our special day with cinnamon rolls from a recipe I found on Pinterest (tired of hearing about that yet?).  We had candles for Honey at breakfast because we never really know how the day is going to go and I didn't want there to be no celebration of the 37 years my handsome husband has walked the earth.

Our school district changed their times for school's beginning and dismissing this year.  Bubba's school day begins at 8:55am and ends at 3:55pm - that's a long day folks.  Now, I know that the amount of minutes spent at school are the same, BUT for a kid who wakes up by 6:00am, it's a long day.

Another change this year is that there is no bus for our family and I am driving all three kiddos to their 3 different schools.  So, when everyone was ready, we jumped into the van to take Bubs the 1.4 miles to school.  One of the girls asked if we were go to walk in with Bubba and I responded, "yes".  Bubba cleared his throat and said, "Um, Mom, . . . but I am okay."  My next thoughts were literally, "Did I just hear that right? Could my 5 year old be telling me that he doesn't want me to walk in with him? Okay, this is the independence and confidence we work toward but COME ON!!!"

Outloud I said, "You want to walk in without me?"
His response, "Um. . . no.  But, Mom I am alright."
Me: "I know you are, Bubs.  Me walking in is more for my sake.
Mommy wants to take a picture."

So, I got to see him hang up his backpack like a pro.  .

AND got a picture of him with his teacher:

This was my first "First Day Drop Off" that involved NO tears.  It probably helped that I had KB and Little with me.  When we picked him up at 4pm, Bubba was so excited I had trouble understanding his stories.  Evidently it was a good day.

Then Honey got home and it became all about him.  The girls promptly broke our pact to keep the ice cream cake in the freezer a secret and then ate their dinner with lightning speed so that we could  open presents and eat.  

Honey was given four bottles of Rush Limbaugh's tea and a card telling how appropriate it was for my loony family to give him something like that. 

Overall, I believe the day would be considered a big success.  
To my special men: I love you both!

Just an FYI: I fell asleep four times (at least) while typing this.  ...................make that five.


Julia said...

I enjoyed hearing about Bubba's forst day...I am a little concerned about Rush Limbaugh's tea... J makes wonderful sweet tea why give $$ to Rush!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Looks like a fun day for him and Bubba. Glad the first day was a joy for him!