Friday, August 26, 2011

First Days are Done

Everybody has had their day in the spotlight and the "first days" are done.   Pictures have been taken, new friends have been met, school supplies are tucked away, the carpool route has been driven and all the teachers have been given little back to school gifts:

I wrote about Bubba's first day and I'm about to give the girls equal "air time".  Little started on Wednesday and KB started today. Here is Little before her first day at Promise Christian Academy:

Seriously, it is a ridiculous grin she is pulling out these days, but she is so darn cute you just get over the crooked smile.  Oh, and a close up so you can see her little uniform embroidery:

She had a super first day.  She walked right in and said, "Hey There!" to whomever might be listening and went straight to hang up her backpack:

Did you see that loud and bright backpack? Ugh.  Another choice made by my daughter and another time to hold my tongue and remember it isn't about me.  Don't get me wrong, it's cute enough. . . just not girlie :)  See:

Her teacher was Mrs. Lee.  

I say was because I got a call before lunch telling me that they would really like to move Little to the middle grades class for several different reasons.  It was encouraging and sweet and now Mrs. Brittany is Little's teacher.    Little was in her class today and L-O-V-E-D it.  Little had homework tonight and it was FUN doing it; for the first time ever it was fun.  All in all, Little starting school seems . . . hopeful.

And this is how we started the first day in our three year old class at Kirk Day School (mom, this is the dress):

Who is that "masked" girlie? Yep, that's KB.  You wouldn't know it by the first photo but she was so very excited for her first day to begin.  She's been carrying around a backpack full of baby dolls for a week now.  It's really cute.

She hung her bag right up by her name plate and was ready to dash right away.

 I forced her to come back for a photo with her teacher and then said, "Have a good time," to the back of her head as she darted over to the dollhouse to play.  This is Mrs. Hauser.  She's been teaching here for awhile.  One of the mom's told me that Mrs. Hauser taught her in 3rd grade and now she was dropping off her son in Mrs. Hauser's class.  THAT would be weird, eh?

KB must have gotten inspired in that learning environment because she came home and produced this:
All By Herself!!!

Little has been ready to drop after both days of school and KB is exhausted but won't let herself nap.  Bubba's fatigue is showing up in hyper behavior and I am just plain tuckered.  (Honey is exhausted too but his fatigue is for reasons not elementary school related so we won't go into that.  Suffice it to say - meetings, meetings, meetings.)  It's a good thing these days are over because, as a family, we are done.


Debbie said...

So glad you all made it through the "firsts". Looks like they are all off to a great start! Hope you enjoy your school days, too. Any new "firsts" for YOU???

porternews said...

I have one of those huge sanitizer bottles in my bathroom. I think I need to cutsie it up! It would be so much nicer looking!! Cute idea.

Anonymous said...

those bottles are so stinkin' cute! I wish I knew how to make the labels. Do you do all that on your printer? and where do you buy the labels to print it on?
I need tutoring!

Amanda said...

what cricut cartridge did you use for the hand sanitizer? so cute! I stole your idea for teacher gifts, but I like your scalloped monogram better than what I used.