Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Days are Done - Honesty and a Link

More than one person has asked about the vinyl on the sanitizer bottles and it caused me to think (I try not to do that - it makes my brain cry).  I quickly realized that I didn't give an explanation about the teacher gifts and was dishonest by omission.  Sorry, folks.

Okay, the truth is that I bought the vinyl online.  Yep, I ordered it from a very efficient gal and let her do the work while I was driving carpool. . . again.  I first read about Janae while reading this post on the HILARIOUS blog called Controlling My Chaos.  Janae runs a business called Thoughts in Vinyl and has lots of cute kits and quotes and more for purchase (I am getting nothing for telling you about her - I just like what I've seen) and she committed to make these vinyl cutouts for readers of Controlling My Chaos after Jill posted her own bottles and we all responded with a loud, "I want to do that too!!!"

You can order your own here.

Hope all is well.  I also hope to write more soon.  Bubba turned 6 yesterday and that was the second-to-the-last hurdle on the journey to sanity.  Now I am just waiting for transportation to get Bubba's bus schedule worked out. . .


Debbie said...

I just looked at that vinyl website . . . My mind is going like crazy to all the cute little ideas and gifts . . . Thanks for sharing!

Amy Tiemeier said...

Thanks for the link for the vinyl.
And your quote "...hurdle on the journey to sanity" perfect for me right now. :)