Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer PJs - Done

Last two pair for my kids.
Bubba is beside himself over the letters and cars.

Anybody need matching jammies for an upcoming holiday?
Honey really wants me to figure out how to market and sell these babies.  What do you think?


Debbie said...

You always find the cutest fabric!

amy said...

i love them! how much would you charge?

Rebecca Brown said...

These look more like outfits than jammas to me! So cute!

Anonymous said...

My daughter would be beside herself with a set or 2 of pajamas like these. Like Debbie said, you find the cutest fabrics!

annaj said...

I've asked for them for months! Our whole family would love some!

Karen Waggoner said...

Open yourown etsy store. That's where all the cute homemade stuff goes.