Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School's Out for Summer

School has been out for four days and we have managed to pack quite a bit in.  I packed the kids into the van on Friday and took them to Chickfila for a celebratory ice cream.  It was silly, really, since it was so cold outside we all had to wear jackets.

We've played outside at home and ridden bikes at a friend's.

And then there was our first project of the summer.  We took the kids to the store and let them pick out the duct tape of their choice and then we used that duct tape to cover composition notebooks.  After the tape was on the kids set about decorating the books with Sharpies.

Result? Three personalized summer journals - my secret plan to get into my kids' heads and try and figure out what they are thinking while working on handwriting, spelling, phonics, and having fun in the process.  I am SUCH a multitasker!

Everyone made their first entries tonight.



So far there is no revelation of any depth in regard to the inner workings of my children.  The summer is young, though.  We'll keep on!  From where I'm sitting, everyone seems pretty excited about the idea!


Debbie said...

Great idea--nice way to start off the summer :).

Debbie said...

Great idea--nice way to start off the summer :).

Anonymous said...

please tell me that KB is not writing on her own. Even if she is, please tell me she isn't, because I'm having mama inadequacy feelings right now!

Anonymous said...

That is so great! Some of my favorite things are my daughter's writings! Good for you!
And what a brave woman you are letting three kiddos use the sharpies on the carpet! :) MO

unclejames said...

I found your "spot". Such a clever momma to think of having your kids track there trip through the summer. I am sure it will make it an exciting summer for them and a great memory for you.