Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not Forgetting - more of that list

1.  KB's prayer
2. Bubba's bust the window outcha car
3.  Little's IEP
4.  KB - ur so ugly mamma
5.  Dominoes with Bubba
6.  The Help
7.  Promise
8.  Bubba's swingset concert
9.  1st grade read aloud
10.  Little's Mona Lisa and Starry Night

4.  A few Sundays ago Honey had to be at church early for prayer and so I got the children ready and into the car by myself.  No biggie I do that all the time.  The strange thing was that they were being so very ugly to each other; hitting, screaming, pulling hair! and more.  I finally raised my voice and yelled, "Everyone be quiet.  We can NOT prepare to worship Jesus when we are busy saying such ugly things and treating each other so unkindly.  We are going to sit right here and each one of us is going to pray and ask Jesus to forgive us for such ugly words and actions.  I'll start because I said ugly things too.  Will you forgive mommy for talking to ugly to you?"  Echoes of "yes" filled the car and then we each bowed our heads and asked Jesus to forgive us.  It was precious.

As I put the car into gear and prepared to leave the driveway, KB said in a low voice, "Mom, you're ugly."  Nice.

5.  Bubba has started playing Dominoes and is really pretty good at it.  It is so fun to play with him and we do so very often.  It's so . . . normal.

6.  Just finished reading The Help, by Karen Stockett.  I listened to it while folding laundry, designing business cards for a friend, and doing a Blurb book.  There were places where I laughed out loud and times I shuddered with disgust.  It's set in 1962 Mississippi and the story is told by two black maids and a recent college graduate (white) who wants to write a book about something real.  She chose to write the stories of "the help" in town and the book follows that journey.  It was an easy read, tons of fun, and pretty awful where reality smacked a nerve.

7.  It's been awhile since this one took place, but one day I was sewing on the back porch and Bubs and KB were playing in the yard.  Bubba climbed up onto the swing set and started singing; I had to run get the camera.

At first KB was happy to watch and dance but then she decided to join in.  I guess the Spirit fell and she asked for her tambourine.  While she runs off to find an instrument, Bubba breaks into a round of "Father, I Adore You" (all three verses) and humbly announces that "you may now cheer for Father I Adore You", and after KB rejoins the festivities they end the show with a rip-roaring rendition of "Jingle Bells".

I don't know if you can see it, but Mr. Meyer, the landlord, is sitting off to the back with the yard guy and he is just tickled by the kids singing.  He walked up to the house during naps to tell me just how much he enjoyed it and hoped they would do it again.

I'll save 9 and 10 for later this week - I need to get a few photos together.

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