Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flash Back to Fireflies

Back in April I told you about a performance Little did at school.  Yes I did tell you; I wrote about it here.  Anyway, I was cleaning off the Flip and found this video footage of her performance and knew the family would want to see it.  So many of you have chosen to love our Little and so I thought you might just enjoy it too.

There are three 1st grade classes at MR Elementary and each class was a different bug.  We had ants, fireflies, and ladybugs.  As the children filed in our eyes were peeled to find our special bug.  KB was thrilled when she saw Little and it's fun to watch Little's face as she finally finds us too.

Then Little had her one line, "Do your best."  She did.

Here are two of the songs they sang.  This might be something only a grandparent can appreciate *wink*.

(You can actually hear Little sing in this one. . . her "for meeeee" lasts a bit long".  OOh, and listen to what an encourager our KB is!)