Friday, May 13, 2011

Silver Lining Sewing

The weather outside has been frightful, I tell you.  Not only has the temperature been below 60 until yesterday, it has also been rainy.  My sister hasn't had an air conditioner and each time I hear her lamenting the Alabama heat I think of the fact that we have only run our air conditioner two days this year; the heat was actually still used three nights ago.

This may lead you to the obvious conclusion: there hasn't been much playing outside.  While it stinks to not be out in the green and pollen filled air, the silver lining is that, while the children are playing in the house, I have been able to do summer sewing.  Bonus: I used fabric from my stash! I have had this blue plaid for YEARS and finally used it.  It's a good feeling killing two birds with one stone: clothes for Bubs and cleaning out.  Deep Sigh of Happiness.

These are Bubba's favorites.  He told me, "Mom, these jammies are cozy and comfy.  I would like you to make me many more."  Well, he has two more in the works but they are cotton - the kind  that "makes him cold."

KB has received the main focus of jammie  making - she has nothing her size for the summer.  Excuse me, she HAD nothing her size for the summer.  NOW I think she is set!

Just finished the butterfly yesterday.  I think she likes them - silly girl.

I think I like her!


Debbie said...

Great job! So cute!

annaj said...

I want cute jammies!