Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Shower Playdate

Every other Thursday there's a group of gals who get together to talk. . .and let our kids play.  Each time a new person hosts and when there's a holiday there's a cute theme, etc.  It's a lot of fun.

This past Thursday we held a little shower for our new friend Regan.  Her little boy is due at the end of July and it gave us an excuse to give cute baby things and eat fun shower food.  There was a theme:

Kitty asked that "Touch of Cutesy" provide the signage and so I had super fun making cards for the tables and a large sign with the picture above.

Kitty made cake pops and popcorn and there was soda pop and lollipops - you get the idea.  There was a bubble machine and the kids played outside and popped bubbles.  Good fun. 

The kids loved all the sugar, of course.  Here's KB and Regan's son, Nolan (who I LOVE).

Sweet Calvin. . .

We still have no idea what Arianna gave Regan.  There was the reading of the card, a soft spoken "thank you", and a nonchalant move to the next gift.

There were a couple handmade items (look at the precious onesie Michelle made) and a great food mill.

It was fun to celebrate with our friend.  The cake pops just made it sweeter.  (get it? sweeter? cake?)

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