Friday, May 27, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

The weather has been ridiculous.  I know, I don't have to tell you since most of the country has been experiencing the same stuff or has been watching it on the TV.  We have  been alternating between tornadoes and just plain rain. The temperature highs have been anywhere from 88 to 51 over the past week.No one knows what to wear :) and no one wants to wander too far from their basement.

The was the scene in KB's room last weekend:

This little ready-made fort builder thing was a leftover at the yard sale in April.  Rebecca wasn't going to take it home and so it was donated to the Blue Hutch instead of Goodwill.  It is only two pieces of fabric which are connected by elastic pieces and on each side and corner there are more elastic loops for attaching and creating the fort of your dreams.

I hung it up the other day and left for just moments.  Everyone squealed and decided to "take a nap in the tent".

KB brought along every stuffed animal friend and had them take a nap too.

It's funny - my brother and I built forts inside the house all the time growing up but it was NEVER for the purpose of taking a nap (that I can recall).  The bunk beds became ships on the high seas and the corner between the desk and dresser became the hideout from "the bad guys".  If I had suggested us taking a nap, Andy would have slugged me in the arm.  KB suggested "a sleepover" and the other two yelled, "Let me get my pillow!" - almost in perfect unison.


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