Friday, May 27, 2011

I Dig Karl Diggerness

When I worked at Berry College there was a little thang called "Karl and Hunter".  Actually there were more of friends than a thang, but they were usually together and usually had guitars in their hands.  They made sweet music together, I tell you.  The times of worship we had were sweet indeed.

Last week I found myself wondering if there was cd out there.  Karl leads worship at a church in San Fransisco and I know he has always enjoyed putting old hymns to new tunes.  I jumped onto Facebook and saw that there is actually a cd coming out in a month or so!!!  City Hymns is the name and Karl is wrapping up the logistics necessary as we speak.

It's a digital download, so even if you live in Asia you could easily get the CD!  You can pre-order your copy and help fund the project here:


Mary Beth said...

small world alert: My brother and Karl grew up playing soccer together and now my bro goes to Karl's church in San Fran! When I saw your post I thought "she knows Karl Diggerness? weird!"

Caleb Galloway said...

Cool! I was just listening to my old cd of Karl singing hymns, tonight, and I decided to google Karl to see if he had done any recent work and found your blog about him. The cd that I have was passed down at Summer Beach Project in PCB for years. Great music! -Caleb