Friday, April 1, 2011

Under the Big Top

To kick off spring break, we went to the circus.  It was not Ringling Bros. but some other circus hosted yearly by the Masons.  And we weren't under a "big top" of any kind, but in the Family Arena way up high with a perfect view.

We have thought of taking the kids to the circus before but worried that the noise and chaos would be too much for Bubba.  Some friends gave us these tickets and that seemed to lighten the load about potentially having to leave quickly.  Still, we didn't tell the kids about the trip until that day just in case it was a rough morning and we needed a new plan.  Everyone did exceptionally well!

There was such excitement in the air - as much for us as the kids.  Honey left us in our seats and disappeared.  I had no idea what he was doing until he showed back up loaded down with popcorn and soda.  For the next hour the two items floated up and down the row as everyone "shared so nicely" and announced it to everyone around them!

The tigers were a big hit.  The guys balancing on horses were exciting enough that Bubs actually said, "I want to be in the next circus."  By the time the women were spinning from fabric ropes by their teeth the older kids were getting restless and the suped up four wheeler that rolled and jumped, etc. was of no interest to anyone.  I MUST admit that my very favorite thing was the two Armenian sisters who folded themselves into a 2ft.x2ft box.  TOGETHER IN THE SAME BOX.  Seriously, the dad behind me cried out, "You have got to be kidding!" simultaneously with my own, "Oh My STARS!" - it was THAT fabulous.

KB hung in their the whole way and I think we'll take her again on her own as a special outing one day  (sooner than later).  By intermission the other two were making it impossible to enjoy anything due to their constant, "Can we go now?"  Ugh.  We went on home and considered the whole thing a success.

Ooh, on the way out we came across a clown and took pictures.  the older two were fearless while my usually courageous 3 year old hid behind my leg and refused a photo.  People are funny; especially KB.
Come to think of it, clowns are creepy. 

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