Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Day at Zoo 2011

Again - - it would seem there are only so many things one can say about the zoo in their hometown, but thankfully the children change so much that each trip has it's own special memories.  Over spring break we had three days of warm and beautiful weather and so one of them was spent at the zoo.

I say a day was spent at the zoo but our kids can really only make it for 2 hours; we have never stayed longer I don't think.

We arrived at the beginning of free hour.  Admission to our zoo is always free but during the first hour they are open kids can ride the carousel for free and enter the petting zoo for free.  We normally go straight for the petting zoo but not this time.  Living on the edge, we made our way to the carousel for our first ride there ever.  It was just like other carousels.  Seriously.  What made it special? The kids all got to sit beside each other.  I got a good photo.  KB was so very into it.  3 is a fun age, I think.

We actually decided to skip the children's zoo and go straight to "The River's Edge".  There has been word of a baby rhino and we thought we would attempt to see it.  No such luck but one of the parents was out pacing - must have been the daddy.

The "baby" elephant (born a couple years ago) is now officially a teenager in my book.  You can still tell which one it is because of the smaller size but WOW is that guy growing.

The hippos are a favorite since they are in a pool and you can watch them swim like fish at an aquarium.  This visit was a disappointment in regard to the hippos.  Everything was roped off and the plastic covering the windows was sagging just enough that we could see two of the glass panes had shattered.  Yikes.  We asked and apparently they broke during one of our recent freezes.  Nice.  The kids didn't seem to mind.  They noticed this canoe for the first time and decided to go traveling.

It's funny what you notice when the animals aren't out.  Like this little nest of eggs.  Can you see KB's hands clasped with joy - she thought they were real and was overjoyed.  So cute.

You know you take a lot of family photos when your kids are as into pictures as mine are.  Man.  They each kept asking if they could take a picture - nyah, nyah, nyah.  Finally I gave in and let each one of them take one photo.

This is a Little eye view of  her parents:

KB's view of Little:

I think Bubba's got deleted.  Sorry, Bubba.

It was a nice morning.  Everyone could walk on their own - no strollers.

The only down side to them walking was that we heard complaining sooner.  "I wanna go home."  "I wanna sit down."  " I want water."  That lasted about 2 minutes and we headed to the car.  I wasn't going to let "bad talk" ruin such a nice morning.  Seriously! Look at these adorable faces.  That's what you'd want to remember from this day.

From the zoo we went to cash in on a Living Social deal I had just gotten two days before.  A Pharmacy in a nice little area of the city also has a "soda fountain".  We went to check it out.  My plan was to get something small, eat quick, and head out.  The Lord had other plans.

There were about 15 stools at the counter and that was all the seating.  When we arrived that wasn't a big deal because hardly anyone was there, but with ten minutes the place was overrun with hungry folks.  Best thing was that KB stole the heart of one lady working their.  As it got busy, KB asked, "Do you need help?"  The lady, Isabel, loved that and had KB come behind the counter and help scoop our chips.  KB even got to deliver a meal to one girl.

It was a great lunch! Super atmosphere - yummy food - delightful and fast service.  If you get a chance, go to Jennifer's in Clayton, local folks!

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Great, fun pictures! Sounds like a fun day.