Sunday, February 6, 2011

shame on me

There is that quote, "Something something once, shame on you.  Something something twice, shame on me."  Well, shame on me.  I went grocery shopping today.  Yes, it's a Sunday but I have been snowed in for days with my family and we have eaten through the cupboards.  I am supposed to take a meal to a new mom tomorrow.  I needed groceries.

It is Super Bowl Sunday.  Anybody remember this? I didn't until I pulled up at Walmart and couldn't believe all the cars.  SO. MANY. CARS.  I had a faint sense that I had been there before. 

As I read through the post from last year, I saw the statement, "I won't make this mistake a second time."  I did.  Shame on me.

Sidebar: we are going to a party at the pastor's house and we are taking . . . all three children.  We are also taking. . . two cars. 

Know what I am most looking forward about this Sunday night? No, not the ballgame.  Not being with great friends.  Not the halftime show.  Not the commercials.  I am looking forward to seeing Glee after the game.  *Smile* 


This Place is a Disaster! said...

That is so funny! When I read the first part I automatically remembered the post from last year!!

annaj said...

i knew you'd be tuning in to some Glee! I DVRed it