Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today I did something I have never done before; I went grocery shopping on Super Bowl Sunday. MAN! I thought Walmart the week before Christmas was bad. WHO KNEW the entire city was grocery shopping at 12:30PM today! (Yes, I went right after church.)

It was hilarious. Everyone wanted cream cheese, shredded cheese, and products from the diced tomato aisle (there were only a few of each left). I even heard one assistant manager using his headpiece to call the back and check on Lil Smokies. "This is going to ruin my party!" I heard a man say when no Lil' Smokies could be found. Some party!

After Walmart I went to Aldi and I actually had to park in "the back 40"! I have NEVER seen such a crowd at Aldi! Everybody was buying Frito Scoops knock-offs (including me) and milk!

I was glad to get home. I won't make this mistake a second time. Still, my first attempt at that hot sauce chicken dip was a success and the chili was great. The kids were thankful for cookies and the Saints won! Nice.

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This Place is a Disaster! said...

Dear Little-Smokey-Guy,
If the lack of little smokey's at your party is going to ruin it, perhaps next time you could prepare the day before instead of the DAY OF - 4 HOURS before the game.
We all know who is really to blame for this disaster of a party you are about to throw!
Thanks, Store Management!