Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's Up?

My mom left yesterday after six days with us.  It was supposed to be five days but the snow in the south caused us to change her ticket.  I was thankful for the extra day because it gave us the needed time to finish a huge project (pictures to come).  Sad thing about the project and the pictures to come -- - I didn't take before photos.  Why is this sad? The girls at Girl Talk are having this little contest about getting one area of your house organized and orderly and the transformation in my basement would be a shoe-in.  I don't even know what the prize is but it would be mine, I tell you.

The purpose of Mom's trip was actually so that Honey and I could attend a class at the seminary.  Grace Based Parenting was the class and it was great.  Now, while I enjoyed the teaching done from the text, it was the stories, examples, and "ramblings" that really were beneficial.  Oh the wisdom of the older Christian. 

Last night Bubba didn't go to sleep until 9:30PM.  I tried to figure out a way to blame Obama for it but I think it was the ice dream at Chickfila that really did it.  NEVER AGAIN.  He was cute about it and read in his room, but still.  Today will be a nightmare.

Did I mention my basement is organized? By organized I mean that if you asked me where the wedding gift from Mr. and Mrs. _________ is stored - that set of candlesticks I still haven't had a chance to use - I could tell you.  AND get to them.  Bliss.

My husband is a courageous and humble creature.  Enough said about that.

I'm going to have a yard sale in April.  A real one with a friend - at her house.  I am really excited.  I don't have heaps and she doesn't have heaps, but together we should have enough to make a sale worth stopping for. Wonder if she or I have another friend who would have stuff to contribute. . .

Have a nice Wednesday.  I just thought I would check in.  You could check-in with me and that would be fun.  How are you and what is the most exciting thing you accomplished this last week??


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Becky, regarding the emails that you sent me this a.m. and last week, I just responded. Left me know if you don't receive it okay.

Melanie said...

Amazingly, I (finally) got the Christmas decorations put away and got my house (mostly) cleaned...all during our snow days this week w/ my whole family at home, to boot! Not feeling like today will be that productive. I've felt mostly like a referee all day. :)

emily said...

We cleaned our basement storage area over break, too. It was a wonderful feeling. It went from a room that was so stuffed with junk to a nice big empty room that's big enough to bring trikes and cozy coupes into on these cold days. It was the highlight of my break (seriously...the rest of it I spent cleaning up after my sick family). Glad you guys got yours cleaned out, too!

Anonymous said...

The most exciting thing I did this week was plan a double date for Saturday. :-)

Corrin said...

Wanted to let you know that the 4th set of prompts for January Reflections is ready. If you'd like to get these via email every Mon. and Wed. visit the and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under "Subscribe" click on "Subscribe by email." You'll then get an email every time I post to my blog. Blessings, Corrin

janet said...

It is always so fun to read your posts! And I'm excited for you about your basement! One of my themes for this new year is ORGANIZATION! I just put up a cork board and 4 wood wall pockets (is that what they're called?) above my desk for bills, mail, projects, etc. I LOVE getting organized!
Anyway, I told Corey to quit his cryin' about family pictures! :) I loved it! Thanks for reading my blog! :)