Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adam Fathered and Lived. . .and Lived

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January Reflections: Scripture

I've been sitting still.  Seriously. 
My alarm was supposed to go off at a certain time but Little went off 15 min. before that.  I didn't go back to bed but went ahead to sit in the quiet and stillness.  (Don't be impressed; it is only Jan. 4; we'll see if I am still being still a month from now.)

So I was reading and scripture says that Adam lived 930 years and then he died.  Can you imagine? Adam ate the fruit (his wife gave to him - blah, blah) and then lived, at least, another 800 years to see the consequences of his actions.  He died when Lamech, his great, great, great, great, great, great grandson was 56.

The Bible says that after Noah had lived 500 years he fathered Ham, Shem, and Japheth.  Questions prompted: did he have other kiddos in the first 500 years 'cause they didn't make it onto the ark.  And were H, S, and J triplets - all born when Noah was 500 or were they all just born after Noah had lived 500 years? The flood came when Noah was 600 years old, so his sons were just wee little mites of 100 years.  So, the flood came 792 years after Adam died.  It's like saying we made it 1722 years before it got sooooo bad that the Lord said "SCRAP IT".  (I am not being disrespectful. . . I think this is fascinating considering folks live like Bible stuff was gazillions of years ago.)

It makes me think.  According to the calendar which started A.D. after Christ. . . it's been 2011 years and we're still here.  I am NOT suggesting man is better now than they were before flood - NOT AT ALL.  I am thinking that we die 9-10 times sooner than those folks did and somehow that has slowed the process of UTTER DELINQUENCY and, through God's grace, there is more than just one man who is walking with God.

This has no cute conclusion.  I am just typing out my thoughts and sending them out into the void.  ("Hello, Void." - You've Got Mail)

I do think I may not need to sit still so long, eh?


annaj said...

things that make you go "hmm"

Debbie said...

Glad your "stillness" is off to a good start. Love that you summarized all those numbers so well--so many neat things to think of and questions to ask . . . I need to get off the computer and go be still myself!

Shannon said...

Very interesting. I'll be talking with Scott about this later. So maybe it really is God's grace that limits our lifespan. I mean, I don't want to live in this flesh any longer than I have to.

Megan said...

"Hello've got mail!" Bwaa-haa-haa!!

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to be reading an NIV Chronological bible?? I just picked mine up (not until Jan 10 though)and have so enjoyed reading it like a story. I found these facts interesting myself!!

amytjones said...

last comment was from me ... sorry!