Friday, November 12, 2010

Catch-Up 5 - Rombach's

While Memom was here, we decided to take a trip out to another pumpkin patch.  You can ride horses at this one and it is something Little and Bubba talk about ALL YEAR.  

As we approached the farm it was a little disappointing.  In years past, we would drive up and there would be fields of orange and green - so beautiful.  You couldn't help but love Fall! This year the fields were green with orange polka dots.  It didn't give off the same "love Fall" aura.  I blame ourselves - it was the 30th of October, after all.  All REAL pumpkin patch enthusiasts had been here weeks ago.

Apparently, I was the only one disappointed by the view. . . or who even noticed the view.  Within minutes of arriving, the kids were climbing into these old drums on wheels and taking off for a ride.  It may seem like a small thing at first, but look closely.  What do you notice?
They are ALL unaccompanied by an adult! Oh My Word!

Next came the usual frolicking on the playground and through the pumpkins.
KB acting like she grew the pumpkins, harvested them, and now presents them to you, her loyal fans.
Bubba takes a load off.
KB picked the perfect pie pumpkin for each person.  
At some point we took a break for a family photo in front of the pumpkin pile - a yearly must get.  See how cooperative everyone was. . .

And next is a picture we don't get every year at the patch.  If you asked me earlier that day if I ever thought I would get this picture, I would have laughed.  That's right, I confess, I just never imagined my mom climbing onto an old rusty tractor.  But, it's crazy what folks will do for their grandchildren.  KB asked and Memom responded.

No one cooperated for a photo with the stand up wood thingy, so Honey and I became the subjects.  Such a small thing but it was fun to do that small fun thing with my guy.  Sometimes we get so caught up in chasing little ones and photographing their antics, we forget to do things like this.  It haunts me.  (Get it? "haunts" me!!)

Then the main event! Horses! Seeing Bubba's face and hearing Lily's ongoing commentary made me want to drive out to the pumpkin patch EVERY weekend next year.  What is it about special kids and horses? 

It was really downhill after that.  We ran through the maze - fun.  There was another play area with an inflatable.  It was here that Little's attitude, which had been walking a fine line I admit, plummeted into the "that is NOT acceptable" arena and Memom took her off for some time out.

After Little's rehabilitation on the covered bridge, we attempted one more photo and realized everyone had had enough! It was warm, they were tired from missing naps, and I was grouchy because it wasn't like a Brady Bunch vacation episode.

We left.  Everyone started whining about drinks, yah, yah, yah and we left.

We did stop by Culvers on the way home for a little ice cream.  It's amazing what ice cream can do for one's perspective!

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Debbie said...

The things we do to make some memories :). In a few years, all the whining will be forgotten and you will be left with only the good memories and some great pictures.