Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If You Take a Kid to Storytime. . .

My sweet and precious friend April called on the Saturday of our Staycation and made a golden offer.  It seems she had seen the day's agenda and wondered how I planned to clean out the closet with kids running around and so she took it upon herself to remove said kids from the equation.  She came to pick them up and took them, along with her 10 month old (CB), to storytime at Barnes and Noble.

I adore this picture.  CB really loves books already and my two could listen to stories for hours.  I realize it looks like no one else attended, but the truth is they arrived after the reading was done and April asked the lady to read it again.  And the lady did.  She read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie for Little, Bubba, and CB! Sweet.

Having the mouse himself at the reading was a special treat and the kiddos got hugs before heading off to make their "craft".

Then April went above and beyond all I could have hoped for or imagined and took the kids to Chickfila for lunch! Wonder Woman!!! They even spent some time in the mall playland.  Too fun:

What a dear friend.  I got the entire storage closet re-done in those two hours.  I was a happy happy mommy and my kids were happy happy kids.  Honey took KB out for errands and even they had fun.  What a blessing.  Thank you, sweet April.  I am so thankful for your friendship and that we have "overlapped' during an addtional season of life.


amy said...

and she even took photos! love that gal! :)

April Barber said...

It was a joy for me...I love your kiddos and my CB does too! Thanks for letting me borrow the van!

Anonymous said...

"Amy" stole my comment! I can't believe you got pics of the day too! She IS Wonder Woman! :) MO