Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back To School

First Day Night

That's right, readers, HONEY has gone back to school (and he was subjected to the "day one photo" just like everyone else).

Can't even tell you how quickly this came about. . . or how long it's taken to happen.  Honey has wanted to work on his PhD since before finishing seminary, but it just hasn't been possible (what with the births, surgeries, MRIs, therapy, etc.).  We had a conversation in JULY about what he wanted to do in the future - how he saw God using his gifts and talents - and the next day I got a phone call telling me that he had sent in his application, printed reference forms, started requests for transcripts. . . WOW.

One month.  That's all it took to go from "I'll need more schooling" to "I am getting more schooling".  Unbelievable . . . except this is the same guy who took three years to decide he was interested in me and then one month to propose. 

The program? Not a PhD, but an MA in Leadership & Organizational Development.  I read the description and it is as if they interviewed Honey and wrote a program that sums up his very self.  It's at a local university and is geared toward helping leaders understand the various systems and dynamics at play in an organization. To quote Honey, "It's kind of like how when you get married you tend to do things that your parents did but you don't realize it--some of that's good and some is bad. The same thing happens in organizations and can hinder their effectiveness."

The coursework will take 2 years to do (partly online and partly in class) and then there's an "action research project" to do at his job.  The seminary is getting the tab and I'll be home scrapbooking while my man braves downtown for the sake of education. . . cue music. . . and a better future for our family and seminary students alike. 

I am so happy for him.  Wish you could have heard the phone call I received at 8:00 pm as he drove home from his first class; that was one happy man.


Anonymous said...

Yea, Honey!!!!! So happy for and proud of you! MM

Debbie said...

That is so exciting!!! Way to go "Honey"!

annaj said...

Aw, he shaved to look like a student again!

Julia said...

Good for Christian Man...SLU is located mid-town not downtown dear! Too bad he didn't start the program when Dave was at SLU for 15years. One note is that I wanted to see Christian Man's photo on the front porch just like everyone else in the family. Can he even fit on the bench?