Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School - Addendum

My sister brought up a neato little topic in the last post's comments.  She mentioned that Honey shaved his goatee.  She's right - he did.  It was not because he went back to school.

Get this. . . KB and Little were always shirking away when he went to give them kisses and I thought it might be because of the facial hair.  He shaved it off and Little's comment when she saw him that morning?

"You're my real dad!!!!"

I love that story.


Julia said...

I remember when my Dad and Uncles had facial hair I hated giving them a kiss. I know of only one guy that had a nice soft beard the rest yuck!

Anonymous said...

It takes a real man to give up the facial hair!!! Go Jeremy!! MM

Catherine said...

THat's so funny. So funny what kids say. Anna wouldn't hug Dave the other day because I cut his hair too short and he was "too yucky"