Thursday, July 8, 2010

Woo Hoo for Worksheets

In May I read a couple blog posts where gals I have never met talked about plans they were making to keep their kids busy this summer. They had elaborate notebooks and wall charts and themes and worksheets - it was something to behold, I tell you.

I am a real sucker for a plan and themes really get me smiling, so I jumped on board! I created a table with each week in a column down the left. I came up with themes, googled and printed worksheets, and planned excursions to match each theme. It was a work of beauty.

I don't know how well you, the reader, know me but I am not the best at follow through. Wow. What a humbling thing to say. I am great with ideas and enthusiasm, but some of my best laid plans were, at best, laid to rest.

We started well. The first week of summer was centered around a butterfly theme. You can remember we visited the butterfly house! There was a craft we did not do and a stack of library books we did read (about butterflies). Then there were the worksheets.

KB glanced at hers.
Little colored her with enthusiasm.
Bubba - - he is a worksheet maniac.

Give that boy an academic challenge and he is IN!

This one sheet took him 20 minutes at least! NOT because it was difficult but because he was meticulous and savored every moment like it was the taste of chocolate chip ice cream on a hot day. I've already printed a huge stack of worksheets for next week.

Oh, week two was berries - we did berry little! Ha!
Week three - musical instruments - nada.
Week four - VBS - successful week!!!
Week five - God Bless America - we went to a parade. No worksheets.
This week is a wash because Little is at camp and Bubba is off at summer school and we are drowning in scheduling.
Next week the plan is to do a park a day. . . anybody want to meet us? I'll bring the worksheets!

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