Friday, July 9, 2010


It's been a pretty convicting day.

Today I realized I had stopped praying. I've been taking for granted that God is at work and I stopped praying. Not just the asking but the ongoing discussion He and I seem to have about the ups and downs, desires, joys, etc.

One short, but intense, conversation with Honey and it hit me. I'd stopped praising. Stopped saying thank you for the little things and expecting everything. My eyes had turned inward and stopped looking upward. Today I realized I had stopped praising.

Today I was overwhelmed by the needs around me. I have a tendency to think I have things so bad, but the truth is that the world is broken. Today I remembered that the brokenness touches everyone and everything - not just the Blue Hutch.

Today I considered, for the very first time, giving up scrapbooking. I met friends to crop tonight and I was overwhelmed by how far behind I am and I don't have a plan for "handling" Little's books from here out. Our pastor's wife told me that scrapbooking is good for her because it helps her remember that life is a series of small events but they make up a big story. Our family is a part of His big story. I'm not going to stop scrapbooking because it makes me remember that. I need reminding. I am too quick to forget.

Today my six year old spoke to me with the attitude of a fourteen year old. I spoke a warning to her in Sam's Club ("Little, look both ways to see if someone with a cart is coming.") and she responded with a hair toss and, "I AM looking." I called her over to me and told her that I was glad she had fun at camp this week but she had exactly 24 hours to remember what it meant to be a Kicklighter. Kicklighters DON'T talk with such disrespect! (Her response? "OHHH. We use kind words.")

Today I learned a friend's husband lost his job. My husband has a job. I was struck silent by my petty frustrations with his job.

Today was convicting.
What a day.


Anonymous said...

This post was convicting to me. Thank you.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

This post resonated with me so much. This past Sunday our pastor gave a very challenging/convicting/encouraging sermon on praying affectionately. He encouraged us to simply start praising God and let our petitions be born out of praise for who He is and what He does. Taking this approach to prayer has been refreshing for me.