Saturday, July 10, 2010

High Seas Expedition

I figured I should get this posted since we might be going to VBS again next week!

Little and Bubba had a BALL on their High Seas Expedition in June. Bubba was a Red Dolphin and Little was a Silver Dolphin - I was one proud/thankful mama. They had such a good time and did very well. Bubba made it all four days but chose not to return for the celebration Friday night because "Bible School is too loud." We let him have that one and Honey took the girls to the picnic.

In regard to Bubba, a great part of his successful experience was due to his group leaders, Kathy and Sandy. They really worked with him and helped him have a wonderful time. His schedule was a great tool.

Bubba did meticulous work on his crafts. Check out that frame - seriously! He still loves to wear his compass and he walks by his framed photo and just grins. That makes me smile too.

Little's week was wonderful and Mrs. Bridget was committed to helping make it so. Bridget was a trooper - she was all signed up to work in the nursery when I asked her to help Little through the week. She dove in and loved Little through every day. Can you tell they enjoyed each other?

Look at those stamps on that pillow case!!! Well done! And showing her personal style with a vertical frame, Little Kicklighter!! She did great!

Overall it was a wonderful week. The kids came away knowing that God's Word is true, surprising, comforting, and life-changing and they'll tell you if you ask them.

So why go again? Well, my kids work better with a plan. Twin Oaks, a church nearby, is holding their VBS next week. We had no plan for next week. I'm also interested to see how the kids interact with the material the second time; since repetition is such a big deal for them. I'll let you know how it goes.

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