Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So we arrived home on Sunday and in enough time for Little to introduce Memom to Scout and Violet

KB to make a fashion statement with her shoes (again), 

and for Bubba to read Pop a book

before we headed out to dinner.  We went to Hometown Buffet and the kids enjoyed the splurges associated with a vacation: blue Icee with dinner, soft serve after dinner, Memom and Pop during dinner.  Everyone went to bed happy.

Day Two
Agenda: Boat & Candy

We left for the Riverboats after having lunch at Chickfila.  Monday is "bring your bulletin" day at our Chickfila and that meant the children and Honey ate free.  I had some free sandwich coupons left from Mother's Day and so our frugal staycation started off on the right foot!!!.  The Riverboat Cruise was a Groupon deal I got back in EARLY spring and I was excited about this adventure that we had never had before and would never take without a reason like this staycation.  

The family waited on the "pier" while I picked up our tickets.  This picture might go in my "favorite of Memom and Little" stack.

We got on the boat and readied ourselves for a one hour tour.  

There was enough time for some exploring before we shoved off.

Just like Gilligan, we were surprised by a torrential downpour and lightning galore.  The ride was postponed for an hour.  We should have gotten off.  The hour on the boat that we spent waiting was the hour our children behaved and enjoyed themselves.  By the time the boat left the dock, their patience with needing to be still was gone and . . . well, we just should have gotten off.  Tip for future tourers: Sit on the side of the boat that is beside the boathouse!!! I'm just sayin'.

After staying still on the boat for two hours it was nice to stretch our legs on the walk back to our car.  

We headed over to the Crown Candy Kitchen and the seven of us commandeered a table for four beside a table for two.  (This was after following the directions provided by Google Maps and ending up MILES away from the Crown Candy Kitchen, calling friends who were on vacation in NEW YORK CITY to get better directions, and back tracking to one intersection where we turned right instead of Google Map's left to then arrive - almost immediately - at our destination.)

See the love in this picture!!! KB was in the business of pushing buttons ALL DAY.

The ice cream came and made everything alright.  My children are hilarious.  They will talk to anyone and when the server had come up to our table, KB set into telling her just what she wanted.  All the lady had said was, "How are we doin' today?" and KB exploded with, "I good.  Dis my Bubba and he want Oro and I'd like Choclate.  Could you get dat for me?"  The lady stood dumbfounded for just a moment and then looked at me for permission and translation.  I love my life.

There was so much space between the seat and table that Bubba just gave in and stood to eat.  

KB tired of trying to scoop her ice cream with a spoon (it was really hard) and just dove in.

Honey had no problems. . .

and neither did Little.

Memom asked that no pictures be posted of her eating her treat - she wanted no evidence out there.  So, I'll honor that and then verbally set the record straight by letting my readership know that my mom ate the tiniest taste of ice cream you have ever seen.  I am surprised that she even feels guilty it was THAT small.  
(then she finished her SUNDAE).

We headed home for a yummy dinner and everyone fell into bed - exhausted.  What a great day!


annaj said...

Love Little's stylish glasses!

Julia said...

I too love Little's very hip glasses. WHAT you did not partake of the famous BLT??? It was only a pound of bacon you could have squezzed that in!

Kitty said...

I can't believe you didn't get the blt or the egg salad!!!! Did anyone get a malt?

Nicole said...

This brings back fond memories of me and all of my craizness crowding into Crown Candy Kitchen last summer. :) It's just not big enough for a family of 5! We didn't get lost on the way, just a bit scared that we'd break down and never be heard from again!