Thursday, July 1, 2010

3/5 is not too bad - Day Four Done

Tonight ends with me having done nothing else on my list. BUT my house is clean, my eldest has new meds, and there is milk in the frig (no small feat!). I'm content but hopeful. Anna "Pushman", our beloved sitter/friend, is coming tomorrow morning and I just may spend that time in my closet. . . cleaning. We'll see.

I did manage to paint this thingy. I got it at Goodwill two years ago and it has been sitting on a table. Since I cleaned up my kitchen counters, I now have a place for it so I went all spray painty on it. Don't like how boring the color is and hope to go all spray painty on it again before another two years pass.
(See how she struck a pose and stuck that hip/knee out? Yea - she just did that on her own. She said, "Mama, take my piture widis," and then popped her head, hip, and knee out to the side. Yikes. Then she added this:
Heaven help us. . .

Little did not want to be outdone and so she yelled, "MY TURN!" and held up her most prized possession. . . a toy computer. She did NOT strike a pose because she was having enough trouble standing still (hence the new meds).

KB wrapped up the photo session with a hug pose. She is SOOO like her mother - loves to lean in and hug in photos!

We had friends over today. I set my camera out to take a photo and then had so much fun that I forgot. Sorry, Jawan. It was funny to spend a couple hours with Coralie after having read her blog for a year. I may just have laughed more in those two hours than I have since my friend Jen Allen moved away. In that small amount of time she got a Friends reference I made, made a Star Trek reference I understood, talked about having a heart for taking reformed Christianity to places where it is not, AND used the sentence, "That seems like an acceptable use of complimentary gifts" in regard to our daughters. I think I am glad she lives just miles away now *smile*.

Honey called tonight in the middle of baths and so I didn't get to the phone. He left a message and KB spent the next 30 minutes listening to it and answering his questions (yes, the same questions over and over). I recorded it but my cord is downstairs and I am NOT risking waking up Little just to post that tonight. You'll get to see it tomorrow. It is adorable and a touch sad.

Day four is done. Yeah!
Honey comes home tomorrow. Yeah!!


Jawan said...

I'm thrilled that you and Coralie were able to spend some time together. You will become bestest of are both such kind souls and I just wish I could be there when you sip coffee and giggle with one another.

God is good.

Anonymous said...

I was more comfortable this morning than . . . well, than since I left Columbus.

Marcie said...

So glad you got the new meds in a timely manner.

~Mad said...

"spray painty" - I know that feeling!