Wednesday, June 30, 2010

While Honey's Away. . . Day Three

My Daddy has always traveled a good bit. One wouldn't think of a pastor as a real jet setter, but he's in missions and that means he gets to see all parts of the country and world. Two things I associate with my Dad traveling are: 1) my Mom rearranging the furniture and 2) my Mom planning to "get so much done".

Day three of Honey's absence is coming to a close. I have NOT rearranged the furniture but, in true Cheely woman form, I made a list of things I planned to get done while Honey was away. There are five things on that list:

1) School calendars transferred to new planner
2) Scrapbook - all albums completed through August 2009
3) Closet cleaned out
4) A plan for July sketched out
5) July 4th - clothes sewn/finalized

Day one ended with me in a women's council meeting but coming home to sit on the couch surrounded by calendars, pencils, and a ruler; working on #1. SUCH a calming activity for me. LOVE my TAWP (time alone with planning). Went to bed with one item crossed off my list.

Day two found me sitting on the back porch sewing. The weather was gorgeous here and so the porch wasn't too hot. The day ended with problematic sleeping BUT number five was marked off the list.

Tonight I stayed home, put the kids down and spent the evening with Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, and my KB's scrapbook. I'm off to bed now. All children are asleep and another item (#2) is marked off my list.

I can just hear my mother's voice saying, "I get so much done. . ."
Tomorrow, to be true to my heritage, I might just have to rearrange the living room!


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing and "puffed up with pride." Go girl!!! (And I have only gotten one major thing on my list done. (Moved the furniture two weeks ago!) M

Debbie said...

What a wonderful sense of accomplishement! Maybe I need to send my hubby off for a week :).

Julia said...

your quirkiness inspires me!

Anonymous said...

Okay....I am a total loser. My husband has been gone for 7 months...haven't done ANY of that. Thanks for the inspiration Becky! I'll get on it!

Stacy R