Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Did Our Part - NDD!!!

We are close to getting caught up on all that's been happening. The problem is that every day something else goes on around here. Phew!

We did our part to promote National Doughnut Day. The kids got up and straight into the car and we headed out to our participating Krispy Kreme. . . jammies and all. Folks told me they got to choose which ever kind of doughnut they wanted, but we were handed hot and fresh plain treats upon walking in. Everyone was okay with that, as you can see:

Thanks to Jawan for the reminder to take our own milk. . . making this a truly frugal and fun outing!


Jawan said...

Can you believe that I forgot to pack milk for my own kids that day? Yeah, I'm a good one.

Debbie said...

Sorry you didn't get to pick yours :(. We enjoyed ours that morning, too.